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Top tips on how to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt

Thinking of hosting the annual Easter extravaganza in your brand new Eccleston home? Take a look at these easy steps and pull off this year’s Easter egg hunt like a pro.

  • Stock up on eggs.It might sound like common sense but we’ve all been there, our little ones have invited one or two more guests to the hunt than expected and all of a sudden you’ve run out of eggs! Moral of the story – the more eggs, the merrier.
  • Have baskets, buckets, pails.Wouldn’t it be brilliant if everyone turned up with their own baskets?! But realistically that’s not going to happen! It’s always better to play it safe so make you have plenty of egg-gathering gear readily available.
  • Rain check – no, we mean in the literal sense! Make sure you check your local weather report in the days leading up to the hunt, nobody likes soggy chocolate, or soggy children for that matter.
  • Take note! Although you may think you’ll remember at the time, chances are you won’t have the foggiest where you’ve actually hidden the eggs by the time the event rolls round. Keeping a list will ensure that there’s no eggs go AWOL and everyone will leave a happy bunny!
  • Create a golden egg. Although everyone is a winner with an Easter egg hunt, it can be fun to have an extra prize. With each egg that’s found include a small handmade clue as to where the golden egg is hidden.

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