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Blueprint for Success: A Career Journey with Eccleston Homes

Here at Eccleston Homes, our team members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing unique insights and experiences that help shape the exceptional homes we build. In celebration of Careers Week, we sat down with our Accountant, Lyndsay Jamieson, who has played an important role in our journey, to share her career path into accounting within the housing industry. Her story not only highlights the flexibility and opportunities available in accounting, but also offers invaluable advice for those considering this rewarding career…

How My Accounting Adventure Began

The allure of accounting for me was its flexibility and the broad range of opportunities it offered across so many different industries, which for me was house-building. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for several construction companies for over a decade now, and have worked my way up from an Accounts Assistant to become a Management Accountant, all while pursuing my studies and professional qualifications. While specific degrees or certifications – like AAT, CIMA, ACCA or ACA – might not be strictly necessary, they’re often highly regarded by employers. I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue because I’ve always been good with numbers and keen to understand what drives business success. I also wanted a role that allowed me to offer insights and advice that could help a company achieve its goals, so accounting was the perfect fit.


Anticipations and Realities of My Role

Going into my current role with Eccleston, I definitely expected to be challenged and to have to manage working to deadlines. What I didn’t fully expect though, was just how rewarding the role would be. There’s a unique satisfaction in knowing you’re contributing to the creation of someone’s forever home, which is a feeling that makes every challenge worth it. Looking back, I wish I’d known more about the competitive nature of the industry and the importance of staying up-to-date with training and development, especially in light of changes to technology. Probably the biggest challenge has been keeping up with the yearly changes in HMRC laws and regulations, which is a good example of just how dynamic the world of accounting can be!

Skills for Success

To thrive as an accountant – especially in an industry like house building, which is evolving all the time – I think you need a blend of strong management skills, attention to detail, excellent organisational abilities and a logical and analytical mindset. Trustworthiness and a knack for numbers are, of course, non-negotiable too. To anyone considering a career in accounting, if you’re drawn to challenges and enjoy working with numbers, I would say it can be an immensely rewarding career. My advice is to always remain open to learning, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and – most importantly – believe in your own abilities. It’s a journey of continuous growth and learning, where every figure counts and every insight can be extremely useful. There are many other roles that draw on the same strengths as an Accountant too, such as Department Managers, Business Analysts and Directors, to name a few. I think roles that involve planning ahead, analysing spend and making strategic short and long-term decisions to help drive the business all fall into that bracket.


Reflecting on my career path so far, I feel really proud of what I’ve accomplished and grateful for the opportunities Eccleston have provided. For those contemplating a career in accounting, I would say, dive in — the rewards, as I’ve found, are well worth the challenges.

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