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2023 Interior Trends

Congratulations! If this is the year you’ve decided to buy a beautiful new home, you’re in for a real treat. 2023 is awash with incredible interior design ideas so if your taste is wonderfully traditional or crazily colourful, here are a few of this year’s top design trends that could give you a little bit of inspiration.

Sustainable materials

For the past few years, the focus has been on re-using high quality materials rather than opting for cheaper alternatives. Upcycling websites and reclamation yards are becoming increasingly popular as people source original ceramic tiling or decorative stone details for their hallways and external spaces. Independent crafts people are a ‘go to’ for handmade dining tables and bespoke seating. Furnishings made from sustainable materials and finished in preloved fabric is often highly original and can be a real talking point in your home.

Wavy stripes

Soft, subtle waves evoke feelings of calm in the home. Think wavy stripes in wallpaper or on cushion covers or bedding. Waves have a gentle movement to them; used in bedrooms they can feel really relaxing. Why stop at patterned fabric when you can have wavy shaped lamp stands? Waves aren’t angular and exact, they’re chilled out and, as more of us are spending increasing amounts of time at home, this could be why we’re seeing a resurgence of wonderful wavy styles.

Layered lighting

Lighting is great fun. It’s one of the best ways you can create an ambience in any room. Wall lights or standard lamps add pockets of warmth and the light cast by them can be less harsh than a single overhead pendant in the centre of a large room. Choose lighting that reflects the overall style of your room, or, if you have a plain space select feature lighting styles that add a touch of character to minimalist décor.

French Country

If you’ve been inspired by popular TV programmes such as Escape to The Chateau, you’ll notice how chic French Country design can be. It’s light, elegant and intrinsically timeless so if you opt for French Country designs in your bedroom or your kitchen, you know it won’t fall out of favour if fashions change. The rich cream or brilliant white finish can make a space look and feel bright and clean. It’s a great option for smaller, darker spaces and the pale finish of the furniture can stand out against a richly coloured or papered wall. A kitchen designed in French Country style can look incredible with a statement chandelier over an island or dining table. Equally, French Country bedrooms can be even cosier if you add wooden window shutters.

Pops of primary colour

Pale spaces are instantly transformed with a pop of primary colour. You could add a bright blue side table to a pale blue room. Bring bold coloured cushions into a muted lounge. Bright colours draw the eye towards the areas you want people to see and distract from corners you want to hide. Mix your primary colours with confidence. A bright red will look great with a bright blue or a bright yellow so have fun with those cushions and accessories.  A plain room can look playful with a pop of colour so go on, show your fun side with this year’s favourite colour trend.

Conversational seating

Curved seating arrangements tend to encourage conversation so why not bring people together with your sophisticated – and on trend – seating choice. Choose curve sofas for the family space in a larger kitchen or cosy cuddle chairs for your snug. Whether they’re a double seater, multi-seater, sumptuously covered in velvet fabric, or crafted from leather, curved seating designs can be a real talking point.


Although a popular material for 2023, marble is timeless. It’s one of a kind. You can’t replicate the finish of natural marble so your work surface, staircase, columns or flooring will be truly unique. Marble adds a sense of light and space to a room, as well as a touch of luxury when used on walls and floors. It’s a great choice for kitchens too as it naturally contains antibacterial properties that make the surface less likely to attract bacteria than other materials.

With so much inspiration and exciting designs available, 2023 is an exciting year if you want to transform your favourite rooms.

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