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Biodiversity at Viscount Green, Horwich

At Eccleston Homes we strive to develop beautiful and sustainable homes that work with nature and the surrounding environment rather than working against it. This year it became a legal obligation from November, for developers to consider the environmental impact of their developments. They also need to demonstrate the steps they have taken to ensure biodiversity is left in a better state than before. Not only this but we have been working hard to ensure all our new homes fall within the highest energy efficiency bracket, A-rated. We wanted to do this to give our homebuyers the peace of mind that they are investing in properties that will be better for their finances and the environment too. 

We put our plans into action with one of our latest developments, Viscount Green. All homes on this development are A-rated with building fabric enhancements and specifications such as triple glazed windows, solar panels and increased insulation. These are just some of the ways these latest homes improve energy efficiency. Before work commenced on this site a survey was undertaken by ecologists to assess key ecological features to the site, potential impacts the development could have on local wildlife habitats and the measures needed to be taken to encourage habitats and wildlife to flourish alongside the new development. 

Viscount Green is located only a stone’s throw away from Rivington, so it’s no surprise that this area is home to a number of different species that need to be protected. A number of enhancements have been put in place to protect the wildlife, such as the installation of bird boxes and bat boxes, providing a safe place for these species to nest. A new hedgehog highway has also been introduced which encourages the movement of hedgehogs throughout the site. We have also introduced a sensitive lighting scheme using a 10m dark corridor to encourage foraging and commuting of animals. We have also committed to long-term management of important habitats both on and off-site to ensure that the enhancements we are offering are maintained.

It’s not just the preservation of wildlife that needs to be considered as part of Biodiversity net gain, local plants and trees also need protection. Examples of the mitigation measures taken included the movement of english bluebells from the development site to the nearby woodland, as well as fencing along the site of specific scientific interest. 

Learn more about biodiversity net gain and what it means for future developments see our ecologists website


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