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Eccleston Homes’ A-Rated Energy Efficiency: Top 10 Benefits Explained

Are you in the market for a new home that not only provides comfort but also cares for the environment and your wallet? At Eccleston Homes we believe in creating spaces that are not just houses but also sanctuaries of sustainability, efficiency and coziness.  

The homes at our Viscount Green and New House Farm developments are A-rated for energy efficiency, and all of our properties are ‘sustainable homes’, meaning we use modern building techniques to create less waste with less environmental impact.

Join us as we count down the fantastic perks of calling an A-rated home your own: 

1. Economical Excellence: Imagine a home where your energy bills are a pleasant surprise rather than a shock. That’s precisely what you get in an A-Rated home from Eccleston. Our energy-efficient designs translate to long-term savings, and are equipped with features like efficient heating and cooling systems, and smart thermostats that help you save on utilities. Invest in an A-Rated home today, they’re better for the world and better for you. 

2. Sustainability at the Core: We like to think of sustainability as a way of life. Our homes are designed to reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet. We’re not just talking about energy efficiency either; we incorporate eco-friendly construction materials, employ waste reduction practices and create green landscapes to minimise environmental impact. Living in an A-Rated home means making a conscious choice to nurture our planet.

3. Triple-Glazed Brilliance: Do you want to enjoy warm, cozy nights without worrying about high energy bills? Thanks to our triple-glazed windows, that’s a reality. Our designs make for a comfortable indoor temperature, all while keeping your energy costs in check. With triple-glazed windows, your home becomes a haven of comfort year-round, allowing you to cozy up without concerns about the financial chill.

4. Solar-Powered Solutions: Our A-Rated homes also come with solar panels, reducing your reliance on the conventional energy grid, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money. Solar panels convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy, and any excess energy generated can be sent back to the grid. By choosing an A-rated home, you’re harnessing the power of the sun for a brighter, more sustainable future.

5. Insulation Expertise: Our higher specification insulation keeps your home comfortable, regardless of the weather. No more cold spots or soaring heating bills – our homes ensure both warmth and cost savings. Efficient insulation is the unsung hero of energy-efficient homes; preventing heat from escaping during the winter and maintaining a cool interior during the summer. This translates into fewer fluctuations in temperature, reduced energy wastage and lower heating and cooling expenses.

6. Appliance Efficiency: Next on our list, we equip our homes with energy-efficient appliances that blend modern living with responsible energy consumption. Modern appliances are designed not only for convenience but also with energy efficiency in mind. From fabulous fridges to high efficiency washing machines, our homes offer the latest in technology while minimising your impact on the environment, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

7. Innovative Heat Recovery: Our homes have innovative systems that recycle waste water heat, ensuring your comfort while respecting the environment. Heat recovery systems capture and repurpose heat generated during activities like showering and cooking. This heat is then distributed to other areas of your home where it’s needed. Ultimately, you stay warm, and the environment stays happy.

8. Controlled Comfort: With our multi-zone central heating system, you’ll have complete control over your home’s climate, room by room. This means precise comfort management and optimised energy use. Customisation is key to both comfort and energy efficiency, and our multi-zone central heating system lets you set different temperatures for various parts of your home. Say goodbye to heating unoccupied rooms, and welcome lower energy consumption and cost savings.

9. Insulated Savings: In our homes, high-performance cavity wall insulation minimises heat loss and keeps your home warm and cozy, meaning no more energy waste and no more chilly spaces. Cavity wall insulation acts as a cozy blanket for your home – it prevents heat from escaping through the walls, maintaining a stable indoor temperature. Less energy is needed to keep your home comfortable, leading to substantial savings over time.

10. Smart Heating Technology: Last, but certainly not least… our Hive smart thermostats help you save resources and money while ensuring your home stays comfortable. Control your heating system efficiently, even when you’re away, and watch your energy bills decrease. Smart thermostats are the brains behind your heating and cooling system; they learn your preferences, adapt to your schedule and can be managed remotely through a smartphone app. This means you can maintain comfort and efficiency whether you’re at work or on holiday, all while reducing your energy consumption.

In choosing an A-Rated home from Eccleston Homes, you’re not just selecting a place to live; you’re adopting a sustainable, cost-effective and comfortable lifestyle. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the many benefits of living in an A-Rated property. It’s not just a home; it’s a conscious choice for a brighter, greener future. 

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