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Eco-chic living: Viscount Green showhomes redefine sustainability in style

How Eccleston are leading the way by embracing sustainable luxury

In an age where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life, a move towards eco-consciousness is extending far beyond a trend. At Eccleston Homes, embracing green living is a deep-rooted part of our mission; it’s a consideration in everything we do, and the showhomes at our Viscount Green development stand tall as living testaments to this commitment. From recycled fabrics to thoughtful design choices, our showhomes are redefining luxury living with a conscience. In our latest blog, we’ll take a closer look at how we’re setting new standards for a greener, more refined way of life… 

A sustainable story in every room

At Viscount Green, each bedroom in ‘The Whalley’ tells its own tale. More than just spaces, they’re narratives waiting to be explored. In Bedroom 1, wrap yourself in a cozy embrace that echoes the importance of planting trees and protecting habitats. It’s all about feeling that strong bond with nature. 

Then, into Bedroom 2, where we dial down the frenzy of fast fashion. Here, it’s a celebration of quality over quantity, nudging you to think about fast fashion choices and embrace a more thoughtful approach to what you wear.

In both ‘The Whalley’ and ‘The Willaston’, Bedroom 4 pays tribute to our planet’s incredible wildlife – think polar bears and diverse ecosystems. These rooms stand as gentle but powerful reminders of our responsibility towards our beautiful planet. 

Materials that make a difference

It’s not just what you see inside; it’s what makes it happen behind the scenes:

Paint that breathes easy: Our water-based paints don’t just add colour; they keep your indoor air clean and fresh.

Fabrics with a story: Picture this: 100 per cent recycled polyester and cotton, making a fashionable statement while reducing waste. Win-win!

Wood that’s au naturel: Raw, untreated wood gives off that rustic charm while being kind to the environment.

Wallpapers that tell tales: We’ve got walls decked in fully recycled fibre wallpapers, each telling a unique story of sustainability.

Timber that’s all about the future: Our completely eco-conscious recycled timber stands for a brighter future in construction!

Cork that’s more than a wine stopper: It’s completely natural, recyclable and biodegradable!

Beyond decor: join the movement

Did you know, there’s a collaborative effort among the major players in the UK? The likes of H&M, B&Q, IKEA and Dunelm are joining forces to put sustainability front and centre. Together, these renowned brands are paving the way for a more eco-conscious approach, showing that when it comes to sustainability, it’s a team effort.

While big companies can make a big difference, we can all play our own part as individuals too. When it’s time for a change, don’t just discard – pass it on! Instead of tossing away your furniture, consider selling it on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace to add to its longevity. By giving your pieces a second life, you contribute to the cycle of reuse and reduce unnecessary waste.

Dunelm and the British Heart Foundation have also partnered up to collect unwanted furniture! Collaborations like these ensure these pieces find new homes with those who need it most. It’s not just about passing on furniture; it’s about passing on warmth and comfort to those who can truly benefit from it. 

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