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Learning At Work Week: Sean Marren’s Journey with Eccleston Homes

As Learning at Work Week unfolds, it’s a great time to reflect on personal growth, development, and the incredible journey Sean Marren has had with Eccleston Homes. Sean’s story begins with an internship at Blackrock Expect Services, a construction consultancy specialising in dispute and litigation resolution.

While that experience laid a solid foundation, his real professional journey commenced when he joined Eccleston Homes as a full-time employee. Here’s Sean’s story:

From Trainee Quantity Surveyor to Assistant Engineer

From Trainee Quantity Surveyor to Assistant Engineer Starting out as a trainee quantity surveyor in the Commercial Department was an exciting challenge. However, finding a local apprenticeship scheme in quantity surveying proved difficult, so I pivoted and enrolled in a part-time Civil Engineering apprenticeship degree at Liverpool John Moores University. This shift was the beginning of an eight-year journey that has been both rewarding and transformative.

After four years in the Commercial Department, I transitioned to the Technical Department as an Assistant Engineer. This role allowed me to blend my newly acquired engineering skills with practical, on-site experience, providing a balanced mix of office-based design and administrative tasks with hands-on problem-solving in the field

Support and Encouragement: The Eccleston Way

Eccleston Homes has been a pillar of support throughout my professional journey. They’ve prioritised my development by allocating time for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars and courses, including specialised training in engineering software. To broaden my expertise, I had secondments at structural and geotechnical engineering firms, which enriched my understanding of various engineering disciplines.

Moreover, an external mentor was arranged during my apprenticeship to guide me and validate my submissions to the Institute of Civil Engineers. Regular fortnightly meetings with Technical Manager, Stephen Parker and Development Director, Alan Dingley, were instrumental in addressing any queries and gaining deeper insights into complex topics.

Having now graduated with a Bachelors in Engineering (BEng), it’s safe to say their guidance has been invaluable, and I attribute much of my growth to their mentorship. I am also now proudly an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers (MICE).

The Joy of Engineering at Eccleston Homes

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role at Eccleston Homes is the diversity of work. I enjoy a healthy balance between design and administrative responsibilities in the office and on-site work where I provide oversight and resolve issues. This variety keeps my job exciting and ensures that no two days are the same.

Advice for Colleagues: Embrace the Extra Work

For my colleagues aspiring to enhance their learning and development, my advice is simple: embrace the extra work. Pursuing additional qualifications and skills can be demanding, but the rewards are well worth the effort. The support system I‘ve had at Eccleston Homes had made my journey manageable and highly rewarding.

Aligning Personal Growth with Company Vision

My professional development aligns seamlessly with Eccleston Homes’ commitment to building quality homes and regenerating communities. As an engineer, my primary focus is on below-ground work, which is crucial for the development and regeneration of brownfield land and improving flood resilience. This alignment ensures that my contributions are meaningful and impactful, supporting the company’s broader objectives.

Looking Ahead: The Next Five Years

Looking forward, I see myself continuing with Eccleston Homes, with a shift towards a greater focus on site construction and remediation. The journey so far has been incredible, and I am excited about the future opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

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