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The Evolution of Eccleston Homes: Building a New Chapter

From vision to reality – a closer look at our vibrant brand evolution 

At Eccleston Homes, we’ve been on an exciting journey, one that represents growth, innovation and a commitment to our community of homeowners. Earlier this year, we proudly revealed our new brand identity, a transformation that highlights our dedication to pushing boundaries and offering something truly unique in the world of house building.

An evolution guided by our vision

Our story isn’t merely a makeover – it’s also a tale of collaboration, vision and understanding our customers’ needs. Established in 2011, we realised we had outgrown our original shell, and wanted to present a brand that echoed our aspirations without losing our independence and success so far.

Our Sales & Marketing Director teamed up with our branding agency, Creative Spark which gave the creative platform we needed. His vision blended seamlessly with their brand expertise, and led to a new identity that embodies growth, innovation and the promise of modern homes that last for generations.


Symbolism in design

So, what’s new? Well, you may have noticed the circles that now play a big part in our identity. Taking inspiration from our diverse locations we incorporated the circles to represent these pinpoints. The varying sizes of circles also represent the growth opportunities that Eccleston Homes gives you – a new house, that becomes a home, for many generations to come. And the butterfly logo? It’s been with us from the start, symbolising growth and change. It’s still as relevant today as when we first started, we just gave it a modern twist! 

Vibrant colours for a new era 

Our reimagined colour palette is vibrant, bold and a departure from the usual corporate tones and makes our brand stand out from the crowd. 

Home of Happy: Celebrating your journey 

Your journey matters to us. From your first enquiry, to holding the keys to your new home, we aim to carefully craft our customer experiences. Recognising the significance of these moments, we’ve woven warm and welcoming photography into our brand narrative, capturing candid moments that resonate with our audience.

Collaborating with the talented illustrator Eliott Bulpett, we’ve crafted bespoke illustrations that encapsulate each stage of our customers’ journey. These visuals, which were initially part of our email series, have now become an integral  part of our brand collateral, breathing life into our customer-centric approach.


A fresh voice: Familiar, warm and inviting

Our brand’s evolution is more than just visual, we wanted to develop a new tone across or copy that is friendly, approachable and relatable. We have introduced phrases like ‘home of happy’ and ‘full of the good stuff’ that are full of warmth  and connection, which is exactly what we want to show.

Embracing change

You might still notice remnants of our old style in some of our sales centres, but it’s part of that butterfly-like transition we mentioned before. But fear not, our team and our exceptional homes remain unchanged. Think of it more as a fresh coat of paint on an already beautiful canvas!

Explore our vibrant website and our socials to see first-hand the culmination of our brand evolution.

If you have any questions or simply want to share the excitement, we’re here and eager to connect. Here’s to an exciting future!

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