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Creating a Christmas table to remember: expert tips from Eccleston Homes 

Hosting Christmas Day this year? Make it unforgettable with our top tips on styling your Christmas table! 

For many of us, the Christmas table is where all of our memories, laughter and stories are shared each year.

At Eccleston Homes, we understand the significance of the festive season and the importance of creating a memorable setting for your celebrations. With Christmas 2023 just around the corner, let us guide you through the art of styling your festive table:

1. Embrace a theme

A great place to start is to infuse your table with personality by selecting a theme that resonates with the spirit of your home. Whether it’s a rustic winter wonderland adorned with pinecones and evergreen branches, or a contemporary setting featuring metallic accents, letting a theme guide your decorations can add cohesion and charm to your Christmas table. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to a theme – consistency is the key.

2. Elegant centrepieces

The centrepiece is quite literally the heart of any Christmas table, and we’d recommend opting for a stunning arrangement that captivates, without overwhelming the space. You could consider a combination of candles and fresh flowers, or even a lush garland as a focal point, elevating the festive atmosphere while allowing easy conversation across the table. Just remember to move it to one side once the games come out later in the evening!

3. Festive place settings

Personalised place settings add a touch of thoughtfulness to each guest’s experience.  You could try to incorporate small details like name cards with handwritten notes or sprigs of holly tied with ribbon around serviettes. Mixing and matching different textures and colours in your dinnerware can be low-cost and  high-reward, while also creating a visually appealing contrast.

4. Layered textures and colours

Speaking of colours, layering different textures and colours adds depth and visual interest to your table. Why not experiment with a combination of tablecloths, runners and placemats to create a rich backdrop for your festive display? Incorporate metallic accents or natural elements like wood and berries to complement your chosen theme.

5. Dim lighting for added ambiance

Christmas styling doesn’t have to break the bank, and setting the mood with the right lighting can be extremely effective. Choose soft, dim lighting using candles or fairy lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance. To take things a step further, consider placing candles of varying heights in vases or lanterns along  the table for a mesmerising glow that enhances the festive spirit.

7. Attention to detail

It’s important to pay attention to the smallest details; they often make the most significant impact. Fresh herbs or citrus slices in your decor will add a delightful aroma, and who said presents don’t have to just be under the tree? 

8. Space for comfort

While decorating your table, try to ensure there’s ample space for dishes and comfortable seating arrangements. Your guests should have enough elbow room to enjoy the meal and engage in conversations without feeling cramped.


This Christmas, elevate your role as host by curating a table that exudes warmth, style and the spirit of the season. With our expert tips, you can transform your dining space into  memorable setting for your Christmas Day. 

From all of us here at Eccleston, no matter how you choose to style your table, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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